The IIMAvericks program provides mentoring & financial support to graduating students to take the road less travelled and start-up. The program helps the entrepreneur sustain during the initial period of the venture, and help them focus more on the business. The most critical period for any entrepreneur is the first two years of business. It is during this time that most businesses fail due to operational and budgetary constraints. The IIMAvericks program provides prototyping grants, stipends, acceleration support and training workshops to the start-ups. The program has also been extended to recent alumni in the form of an Entrepreneurship in Residence grant.

The program is offered to graduating IIMA students & recent alumni who are starting up or already have a functional start-up anywhere in India. CIIE.CO follows a virtual incubation model & it is not necessary for the start-up to be stationed in Ahmedabad. Over the last 5 years, CIIE.CO has supported around 60 alums with a fellowship and another 35 students with an idea validation summer internship.